Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy not only provides relaxation and relief of muscle tension and fatigue, a therapeutic massage can improve your health. There are many benefits to massage therapy, including physical, emotional and physiological improvements in the body.

Why start a massage?

Imagine a long day standing on the cement floor, lifting heavy boxes, or sitting at a table. His back is killing him, there is a sharp pain in his shoulder, and his temples are throbbing. Fatigue, repetitive movements, muscle tension, or staying in one position for a long period of time can cause or perhaps all of these symptoms.

It’s your body’s way of saying, “slowly and calmly.” How you respond to these symptoms determines how you will feel. What if your stress, pain, tension and fatigue can be removed from your body through massage therapy? Want to have one? There are many reasons a person might want or need a massage. The above example includes 80-90% of cases, a massage therapist sees. However, there are many good reasons to get a massage.

Reduces low back pain and other body aches.
Helps calm children and promotes digestion.
It increases the range of motion of the joints.
Decreases fatigue related to the disease.
It calms aggressive behavior.
It reduces depression and helps promote a healthy mind.
Helps your immunity by increasing the white blood cell count.
Improves recovery after postoperative surgery.
Relieves age-related illnesses, sleep disorders, and many more emotional and physical problems.

Physical benefits

During massage therapy, the masseur works the tension of stiff and sore muscles, encouraging his patient to relax. This can help the person receiving the massage on several levels: their muscles feel relaxed and are no longer sore, it is relaxed and no longer tense, muscles and loosen, allowing a greater range of motion.

A study conducted with university dance students demonstrated that dancers had improved in range of motion, mood, balance, posture, and improved performance.


As certain muscles are massaged, emotions can be released. The movements combine heat and aromatherapy with or lead a person to relax, release the tension. Stress and tension is often rubbed away with any pain or aches in the body.


Studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami showed that the immune system improved in children who were massaged daily by their parents; children’s white blood cell and neutrophil counts increased. Massage therapy is used as a treatment for many diseases and during the recovery period after surgery.

Scientists believe that this healing massage fund triggers the release of certain chemicals in the body that helps fight disease and speed recovery.
When You Should Ask Your Doctor Before You Start A Massage
With certain health conditions, it could be dangerous to be at the end of receiving a massage. People with the following symptoms or illness should contact their doctor first.

Blood vessel diseases: If you have a blood clot, the massage can cause the clot to move, and move in your lungs, which can kill you.
Cardiovascular diseases: People suffering from these diseases may have bloated blood vessels, blood clots, or heart disease.

Certain forms of cancer.

If you have skin conditions like burns, cuts, herpes, bruises, sores, herpes, open sores, and swollen areas, you should not have a massage in one of these areas.

Severe back pain can mean that you have a problem that could be aggravated by the massage, so ask your doctor first.
People with a high fever and chills should not receive a massage as it can be the sign of a serious illness.

Massaging the feet, legs and abdomen during the first three months of pregnancy can cause miscarriage. There are massage therapists who specialize in pregnancy but always ask your doctor first.

People with a mild phase of osteoporosis may benefit from massage if allowed by their doctors, but not someone with severe osteoporosis.

Massage Therapy – Is It Right For You?

The power of touch has miraculous effects: for the younger to the older, for the terminally ill for the marathon athlete, and for the mother staying at home for the over-stressed executive. Massage has the power to relax, heal and help release emotions and tensions without the help of drugs.

When deciding whether to receive a massage, consider your health and your needs. As long as you do not have all the serious health conditions, this alternative, free drug therapy may be the treatment

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